Reseller Solutions

We aim to bring cloud solutions to business of all kinds. Whether you are already in the hosting industry or want to start your business from a scratch, you will certainly benefit from our White-Label Reseller Program.

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting Resellers

You want to leap into the Cloud age and make your business future proof, but find difficult and time consuming to develop a control panel and end user interface for cloud services. YesUpCloud reseller program provides you with a complete package of tools to let you customize, rebrand and manage your business, instantly.

  • Shared Hosting Resellers

    You no longer need to worry for the situation where a single crash can bring down the entire system. We provide instant migration and 100% fault tolerance on all cloud servers which in turn greatly reduce your cost on system administration and customer support.

  • VPS Hosting Resellers

    You used to spent hours to configure the new system before making it ready for sale. It is time to end this for good. Our cloud servers can be deployed in as less as 15 seconds, helping you drastically increase the turnover rate.

  • Dedicated Hosting Resellers

    You can now have the performance and scalability at the same time. With our cloud servers, you can dynamically scale CPU, RAM, and storage and apply the hardware changes on the fly, without any downtime.

ISP Providers

You want to provide added values to your customers with features such as cloud storage and video on demand, but without a hardware and software infrastructure to support the application. YesUpCloud reseller program provides you a ready-to-go cloud solution to seamlessly integrate with your existing business and turn your service into premium.

Private Cloud Users

You need a private cloud for your business, but find expensive to build your own infrastructure and management system. YesUpCloud gives you an access to our own state of the art data center infrastructure and help you to build up a private cloud environment in the most cost effective way.

Service Providers

You receive an increasing number of requests from your clients to implement cloud features into the original deployment. Instead of referring to a third-party provider, YesUpCloud provides a white-label cloud solution to let you rebrand it as your own value added services.

Software Vendors

You need a reliable and flexible cloud solution to provide computing power and storage capacity to support your software as a service. YesUpCloud has a dedicated developer team to help integrate your system into our cloud infrastructure and provide a solid support to your front end application.

Datacenter Infrastructure Providers

You own the facility and want to add a cloud based solution to better utilize your resources. YesUpCloud offers a cross platform, brand neutral solution for you to implement on your existing hardware and let you become a cloud solution provider with ease.